F.A.S.T. Track – The HEROES Leadership Principles


Your FOCUS Determines Your Future!



In order to gain leverage in the workplace, these 6 core virtues will catapult you to new levels of fulfillment and success. It’s time for you to step into a higher realm. Gain the edge and start leveraging your advantage as you create a more positive environment around you and attract the right people and opportunities into your life. Then acronym for Heroes is H for Honor, E for Excellence, R for Responsibility, O for Order, E for Expectation and S for Servanthood. The HEROES Leadership principles are all but lost in our society. Many people are searching how to see greater levels of success in their personal and professional lives. Imagine the favor, increase and influence that would come to you if you began to incorporate these six powerful principles in your own life.
“I did not realize how powerful and practical these virtues were until I began to apply them into my job. If you want to create a positive workplace environment with your peers and gain the leverage with your customers, the HEROES Leadership Principles work!” BJ Landis


In this course, we want to introduce you to six power principles that when incorporated in your daily routine will produce tremendous results and incredible favor in your life. A virtue is any admirable quality or attribute. It is described as a moral excellence and the quality of doing what is right. Most people do not operate in these 6 powerful principles!

Whether you’re looking for a job or working toward a promotion, character counts. When employers look at the skills and traits that are essential for a position, character — an individual’s ethical strength — is non-negotiable. These virtues have been lost and overlooked in society and with this training you will gain the advantage that will provide greater levels of influence with the organization, your peers and customers. This course will provide you with examples and ways that you can operate both personally and professionally in the HEROES Leadership Principles.


The H.E.R.O.E.S. Leadership Training provides instructions in the following areas:

H – Honor: The highest degree of respect, mingled with awe, for the dignity and character of another person. Honor is a good reputation, good quality or character as judged by other people, and high moral standards of behavior.

E – Excellence: Doing something well, to the best of your ability.

R – Responsibility: A duty or task that you are required or expected to do, something you do because it is morally right.

O – Order: To arrange or organize in a logical or regular way, peaceful or well-behaved.

E – Expectation: A belief and attitude that something will happen or is likely to happen.

S – Servanthood: A servant is one who performs duties to serve others.

This course will produce the following outcomes:

  • Gain An Understanding of How to Apply Honor in the Workplace
  • Learn How-to Walk-in Excellence and Go Beyond the Mindset of Average
  • Discover How to Take Personal Responsibility and Ownership Within the Workplace
  • Identify Ways to Be in Order and in Proper Protocol Within the Workplace
  • Create an Atmosphere of Expectation in the Workplace
  • Pinpoint Ways to Serve Others and Volunteer
  • Capture Your Reflective Thoughts
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