F.A.S.T. Track – Customer Focused Sales Strategies

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Your FOCUS Determines Your Future!




People are different, predictably different! As a Fortune 500 manager and a Certified Behavioral Consultant, I have trained multiple sales teams within the Coca-Cola Company, Acosta, the largest food broker in the world, and multiple other companies in the understanding of self, the motivations of each of the different personality styles and the buying habits of clients.

Every client is different and has a different behavioral style that you as a sales agent can quickly identify and treat them the way they need to be treated to close the sale. We call this behavioral flexibility which is the ability to blend and get “in sync” with specific clients and environments to secure your sales objectives. This training will provide you with the ability to read people quickly and know who is going to buy and to those who need more time in the process.

In addition, we help you understand the buyers in today’s market based on their specific age group and how to understand their different needs. By understanding behavioral motivations and the tendencies in today’s buying clients, this information will give you the edge and leverage to improve and increase your market share. Our focus will be on how to sell in the new social distancing world in the following three areas:

  • Face-to-Face or Virtual Selling
  • Written and Email Selling
  • Phone Selling

Little things can kill a sell! The P.A.I.D.I.N.C. sales strategy focuses on aiming for repeat business. This process focuses on the salesperson to stop closing and start selling the effective way to get repeat business from your clients. This time proven method includes the following: P – Prospects, A – Acclimate, I – Interest, D – Demonstrate, I – Integrity Verification, N – Negotiate, C – Close.

Ed also provides his expertise in the area of professionalism in the workplace. In this generation, we have lost some of the values and character traits in serving our clients. In order to equip employee’s to portray the right character within their current assignment and to help them advance within the organization, we offer our specific principles that give you and your employees the advantage and leverage within and outside of the organization with their peers and customers.

Step into a higher realm of sales! Gain the edge and start leveraging your advantage as you create a more positive environment around you and your customers. By incorporating this course into your professional life, the outcome will produce favor, increase and influence.

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