F.A.S.T. Track – Personal and Behavioral Development


Your FOCUS Determines Your Future!



In this course we take a personalized approach based on your behavioral style that will include a report providing your general characteristics, inspiring traits, value to the organization, ideal environment and personal growth areas. However, the greatest outcome of this course will be your ability to connect and blend your behavioral style with others in both your personal and professional life. This training has been incorporated in all different areas within organizations from sales, marketing, administration, management and their teams. The results of this training were greater levels of productivity, efficiency and behavioral flexibility based on the understanding of self and others.

“My team came away with a tighter bond and real tools that we could use to help each other achieve higher levels of performance. It ranks among the best trainings that I have had in my 20-year career in Fortune 100 companies.” K.C


This personalized course is focused on equipping you with the people skills that help you understand yourself as well as the motivations of others using the DISC Personality System. This training focuses on real work with real people and the unique differences of each behavioral style that carry out the work of the organization. In today’s society, executives, trainers and professionals are being asked to provide solutions to hard-to-solve problems. That’s because whenever people come together around a common goal, whether it is in their professional or personal lives, is understanding and conflict will inevitably arise.

In the workplace, that can mean a decrease in productivity affecting net revenue and gross profit for the organization. At home, misunderstanding can lead to frustration and broken relationships affecting every aspect of a person’s life. The purpose of this course is to equip you with the model to understand human behavior more profoundly. It will teach you how and why people are motivated differently and the various behavioral needs that make individuals unique. This course was utilized at The Coca-Cola Company through Manager/Trainer and Behavioral Consultant, Ed Turose, that increased productivity and efficiency by helping employees to understand behavioral flexibility and by getting in sync with different behavioral style producing greater results.

This course will produce the following outcomes that you can incorporate in the workplace:

  • Completed a personalized DISC Behavioral self-assessment and discovered your personal characteristics, inspiring traits, value to the team, and ideal environment.
  • Gained an understanding of the different behavioral styles and the motivations of others to communicate more effectively.
  • Recognized your personal growth and development areas and learned how to adapt your personal behavior style in the workplace environment with different styles by blending and getting in sync with others.
  • Discovered how each behavior communicates and cooperates within a team.
  • Identify how to build trust and work more effectively with team members.
  • Apply the information that will increase productivity and efficiency
  • Utilize the information and be held accountable by your manager to make improvements where necessary
  • Utilize your interactive PDF that provides you with the specific areas that you captured that you can improve on or make it one of your IPO’s (Individual Performance Objectives).
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